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We’ve all had that summer experience; you get out of the pool, grab a towel and sprint as fast as you can over the asphalt, hoping your feet don’t burn. Well, it’s the same for our dogs! Their pads are awesome for walking on rough surfaces and different terrain, but they just aren’t heat proof. Here are a couple ways to help your pooch when you’re out on a walk!

Watch where you walk

Shade is your pup’s best friend! If you’ve got a wooded park with dirt paths nearby, you’re golden! Try to look for routes that have been shaded for most of the day. Asphalt can really hold in the heat, so it’s best to either go earlier in the morning before it’s warmed up, or in the evening after it’s been in the shade a while.

If there’s not a ton of shade where you live, try to find sidewalks and paths with grass next to it so your dog can walk in the cool, green grass. If there’s a lake, even better!


Pamper your pooch with paw protectors

There are tons of cute booties on the market for dogs now, and the rubber sole on the bottom will definitely protect their feet. Sometimes it may take some getting used to though…

Soothing Salves

In an ideal world, nothing would ever happen to our pooch’s paws, but it’s impossible to avoid the asphalt forever. There are some great salves on the market to help your pet’s paws recover! Here’s a great one from Natural Dog Company with all natural ingredients. Since dogs tend to lick their paws to help them heal, it’s important to get something that’s as natural as possible.

How do you keep your dog’s paws cool? Let us know in the comments below!