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Below is a list of testimonials from our loyal customers. Continue reading to see how the Pet Pantry can help you make a difference in your pet’s life!

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Pet Pantry Testimonial

I LOVE The Pet Pantry. My dog has food allergies and I was previously paying a lot every month for prescription dog food. Several years ago I discovered The Pet Pantry and started my dog on the Natural Lamb and Rice Select. She has had no further issues and it is less than half the price I was paying for the prescription food. I love the reliable and friendly service, and my pups love the treats that come with each delivery! I’ve been in a pinch and needed food next day when delivery wasn’t scheduled for my area and they went out of the way to make it happen. Make the switch to The Pet Pantry, you won’t regret it!

Christina M.



I just couldn’t survive without The Pet Pantry. They deliver right to my door as I am disabled. I am sure they would deliver to my door regardless of disabilities. I love the fact that their products are Holistic. No fillers or other unneeded or unhealthy things. My older dog, Michaela recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge (due to old age) and Pet Pantry informed me they would be glad to take back anything I had ordered for her. She had bouts of pancreatitis and their Kibble worked wonderful for her. The kibble comes in small bites so Roxie, my baby girl can eat with no problems. You won’t find a better product at a better price, if you looked forever. My dogs (3) love the taste and I can see the benefits in their shiny coats, energy and manner of their playing. Aside from all that, the staff are friendly and courteous. Thanks Pet Pantry. You are fabulous.

Terena P.



Life Savers!!!

My poor Fender has spent the majority of his life on metronidozale.  He’s always had a sensitive stomach but has also had frequent bouts of pancreatitis.  Two days before Christmas, he got sick again and poor dude stayed sick for a full two months with vomit and diarrhea literally every day or every other day!  A friend of mine overheard me talking to the Vet at work (I missed quite a few days to spend at the Vet with my sick pup) and referred me to The Pet Pantry after it felt like I’d exhausted all “medical” options at the Vet.  I put him on the Natural Lamb & Rice Select, and he has not thrown up or had diarrhea in 17 days!  He’s gained four pounds and he’s back to his old self, tugging on any rope he can find and barking up a storm!  I could not be happier with his progress thus far and owe it all to The Pet Pantry!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!




I have a Rottie who has an extremely sensitive stomach. He was having a problem with flatulence daily, which would clear a room, and loose stool. I also suspected yeast, because he was constantly biting and licking his paws. I stumbled across the Pet Pantry, after doing some web surfing, and read the ingredients they used in their dog food. I was impressed by the fact that they did not use fillers, just natural wholesome ingredients, so I decided to give them a try. I love the fact that they give you a trial size bag of food of your choice, which really is a generous size bag of food. I also love the fact that they deliver the food to your door step, and the service is always prompt. Mojo has been eating the food for about two weeks, and I kid you not, the flatulence has all but gone away, his stool is firm, and there has been a noticeable decrease in the paw biting and licking.

Thank you Pet Pantry for good quality dog food, and making our lives easier.


Dawn L.



Very Glad we found you! great food, our German Shepherd LOVES it. we see amazing changes on dog’s skin, overall health in just a week after feeding Pet Pantry.  Just ordered cat food too :). cats loved samples. THANK YOU!


Kate M.



We recently adopted a rescue, Banjo and his foster mom fed him holistic lamb and rice.  As a parting gift, she gave us some food to take home, but we had already purchased Iams puppy so gradually weaned Banjo onto the Iams.  It was insane how quickly his coat went from being soft and not stinky to looking like a greasy, unkempt yard dog.  Unless he was sneaking out of the house to use the neighbor’s brylcreem, the only culprit was the food.  I immediately ordered samples to see what our other dog would like and have never looked back.  Both dogs now have beautiful shiny coats and don’t smell like they have been sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons.   If I didn’t see this transformation myself, I would tell you that you are full of it.  I only wish they sold human food so my hair could be as healthy and pretty!  Thank you for this excellent service, we will be customers for life!





Been a fan for three, four years now! Thor is the man! Met him once, because he brought my pet food to Hillsborough!





I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Thor for his great service! There have been several times that I needed food delivered on days that he was not scheduled for my area, but he delivered anyway. Both my dogs LOVE the food and it’s so convenient to have the food delivered to your doorstep. I would definitely recommend the Pet Pantry to everyone. Thanks so much for your amazing customer service!!


Cara, Knightdale



I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much we love your products, and how much we really appreciate your service. My boyfriend Daniel and I have two boxer mixes, Lola and Sweetie, who are both about 4 years old. Lola has always been picky about food, and when we first adopted Sweetie from the shelter and brought her home, she had a very sensitive stomach. Both of them had frequent stomach issues, even though we were feeding them Pro Plan, which isn’t cheap.

Over a year ago, we heard about The Pet Pantry through a friend at the dog park, and thought it sounded like a good idea, so we placed our first order. Since then, we haven’t given our dogs anything else, and both their digestive and overall health has improved dramatically; there are no more upset tummies, their coats are shiny, they have more energy, and they both really love the food. Your delivery is always timely and is a huge convenience, and I feel better not having to worry about the food being manufactured and shipped from overseas and possibly contaminated by toxic chemicals. We have also ordered a variety of treats, and have been very satisfied with everything we’ve tried. I know when I order something from The Pet Pantry, it will be good quality, my order will be right, and it will be delivered promptly.

Thank you so much for providing such great products and service.

All the best,

Amanda Underwood



Our rescued part Westie had such a thin coat for the first couple of years. He’s been on Pet Pantry salmon and potato food for nearly a year, and this fall, his wiry coat is so much thicker. Our Sheltie mix is also thriving on this food. And the service is excellent!


Viki Balkcum



I just wanted to give special PRAISE to Thor and The Pet Pantry for EXCELLENT food and customer service!! My Amstaff, Chance, loves the Salmon and Potatoes which Thor recommended due to food allergies and dull, dry skin. 2 bags later, Chance’s skin and coat is sooooo healthy and shiny that my neighbor asked if I was rubbing Chance down with baby oil!!! LOL!! Thanks for everything Thor!


Ernest, Raleigh



Our cats, Max and Beau LOVE the food. They always are excited for their feedings. They are so healthy and their coats are shiny. I know that a lot of this is due to the food. Can’t beat the price either. As far as premium cat foods go, it is very affordable. Definitely a satisfied customer!


Mike, Durham



I started the Pet Pantry food about 6 months ago. I recently started using the Holistic Opticoat for my Chihuahuas. One has eye problems and the other has lupus and this is terrific for both of them. They love it. The eyes are not stained. I’m also a foster mom to Boxers and I’ve used the Holistic Growth and Performance to help them to gain weight and they have all done terrific on it. Now we are using the Chicken and Rice to maintain. All of my dogs LOVE this food. They are great about questions and will help you pick the right food for you pets. Thank you Thor and your team.





My Chico and Ginger started dining on Pet Pantry a little over a year ago and absolutely love it. I can attest that the ingredients are great for them. We adopted Ginger not long before we started her on the Pet Pantry and noticed a dramatic difference in her coat once she started Pet Pantry. When she first came to us she had a rough coat and I thought it was due to her mixed breed, Chihuahua mix – we weren’t sure what her other half was. Anyhow now her coat is super soft and I attribute this to her wonderful diet. Pet Pantry has GREAT customer service as well and a great product. Thanks Thor!!





I switched to The Pet Pantry six months ago. And I’d like to offer some proof for how great your Feline Select food is. My three cats recently had their annual vet check up – the two who had gained a couple of pounds in recent years both lost weight; and the one who was underweight actually gained a little. All three of my cats are now at healthy weights. My vet was very pleased! (And so am I.)

Laura S.



Rags is the pickiest little eater EVER! He loves to eat a fresh hamburger pattie if it’s made with Wholefoods meat but don’t try giving him a warmed up left over pattie! When we decided to try the Pet Pantry’s food, we ordered one of everything in hopes that he would at least like one of them, and he liked them all! We couldn’t be happier! Smaller portions for smaller dogs in some sort of tear open bag would be much easier to store and travel with, and so we wouldn’t have left overs but other than that, we are all happy now! Thanks for your wonderful products and customer service!



Our two rescue dogs, Penny (not pictured) and Lexie really have enjoyed their great food from The Pet Pantry. Lexie likes to stay very close to the bag before we put the food in our pantry. Thank you for such WONDERFUL customer service!


Leslie, Raleigh, NC



Our black lab Jake will be 14 in August. He had always been in good health, but the past two years the arthritis started to kick in. It got to the point last Fall that his pain was obvious (taking stairs one at a time, hard time sitting and standing, not interested in chasing a ball, etc) and we took him in to the vet who put him on steroids. Unfortunately Jake went into liver failure and we were sure we were going to lose him. To our surprise (and the Vet’s!) Jake recovered but our options for medication were limited because of his liver. It looked like prescription pain meds were our only option to provide him quality of life for the time he had left.
My husband heard an ad on the radio for the Pet Pantry and told me about it. I was VERY skeptical, sounded too good to be true. Pound for pound the pet pantry food was cheaper than Iams (which he had been on for over 10 years!) so we decided to try it. Within about two weeks we saw a different dog. It was unbelievable! Jake started carrying around his tennis balls, chewing toys, barking at us to play. He had not done that in over two years! He has even started going out in the backyard to play with the kids (running and chasing sticks and balls!) again. We thought and thought about what was going on. We had made NO changes with Jake (except his food) and we were even able to take him off his pain medicine. Everyone in my family that would come to visit asked what we had done differently and the only change has been the food. I would not have believed it unless it happened to me. I don’t know what it is about that food, but it has given us our dog back and given Jake TRUE quality of life.


Kelly Sandberg
Raleigh, NC



Everyone at The Pet Pantry, My cats can actually say the words, “This is freaking amazing!!” because I said that phrase so many times when I got home from work today. My free (HUGE) sample was waiting for me by the door and the cats took to it like I’ve never seen before! It is very important to me to feed my pets food in which I can recognize all the ingredients. I have been feeding them an organic food that is available at only one store, which makes it quite inconvenient. But I’ve also had the feeling they weren’t that enthused with it. But they are clearly quite happy with the food you brought me plus the price is much better! And on top of all that, you have the bunny food and hay that I need for my rabbit! Normally I buy her food/hay at Target, but Target only has the food and/or hay about 50% of the time–again, very inconvenient. Plus I think your prices are better than Target! This is all like a miracle!!! I’m placing my order now! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS SERVICE. Thank you thank you thank you! Your new friend, Chelsie


Chelsie G.
Raleigh, NC



Thank you so much, Thor! Our beautiful rescued Sheltie “Lady” loves the Pet Pantry food. Her coat is so shiny and in very good condition now..she doesn’t shed as much either. Her groomer saw an immediate change in her coat since switching to Pet Pantry food. And to top it off, the food is delivered to our home and very reasonably priced. Thanks again Thor….I’m glad I was listening to the radio one day and heard the announcer talking about your product. I’m a true believer; if Lady’s happy, I’m happy:)….and she’s a very happy customer of Pet Pantry food.


Margie B.
Raleigh, NC – Business Owner



Its been about a month or so since I made my first order and we have had outstanding results with our cat Zander. Zander is a Cornish Rex and we adopted him when he retired from the show cat business after winning multiple awards. He has short, curly, very soft fur, but one trait of CR’s is that their fur can get thin, especially on their head, back, and tail. But since we have been feeding him The Pet Pantry natural food, his fur has thickened up and looks fabulous! Zander also weighed in at only 6 pounds and I think he’s gained about a pound on this food…a much needed pound. He’s always had a sensitive stomach but your food is working so well that he is able to keep it down and he really seems to enjoy eating now. We are so pleased with The Pet Pantry’s cat food and so happy we found you. Zander says THANKS, too! I’ve attached two pictures.
Thank you,



Raleigh, NC


Many thanks to Thor and The Pet Pantry! We have 7 Siberian Huskies and we were feeding a premium dog food. We show some of the Siberians and we are getting better food and better coats with the Pet Pantry food than ever before! Not only do we have better coats, but we are paying less, not having to use supplements AND WE ARE SAVING MONEY!

We get it delivered to my work in Cary, which is so much more convenient than going to the store. We are hoping to get others in the Butner/Creedmoor area, so we can get home delivery too! Kudos to you, Thor and THANKS! You are saving us time and money!! Love from Cisco, Twister, Yogi, Manda, Katie, Annie and Roxie.
Roxie is pictured at the Siberan National Specialty


Maryann & Gerry,

Snow Creek Siberians



My Siberian Husky has had a “sensitive stomach” since she was a puppy, and finding the right food for her had always been a challenge…until a friend told me about The Pet Pantry. Their food has done wonders for her, and the owner is a delight to work with. Not to mention the convenience of having 50lbs of food (and some treats!) delivered right to my door! Talk about customer service!
Thanks Thor!


Jennifer Benjamin



We are first time pet owners, starting off with Sampson. Then Alice got added to the family when we were on our way home and saw a cute small kitty on a manhole cover going after a bug. We were introduced to The Pet Pantry through Jen’s dad who has used them for a long time. From the moment we picked up the phone we felt better already. Thor helped us out and told us all about the food and what was recommended for our baby boy. Well now he is not so much a little boy anymore but he still loves his food. When we added Alice to our family it was just a simple call and she has food too that she loves. Its so easy to be able to make a call and have the food delivered, rather than having to find time to go to the store, lug the food to the car, then back to the house. Our experience has been great! Thank you Thor and everyone at The Pet Pantry for the great and friendly service.


Joey & Jen

Raleigh, NC



We became aware of The Pet Pantry when we added a Newfoundland pup to our family. The breeder told me about Thor and the quality food that The Pet Pantry supplies. Now,we not only feed the Newfie using The Pet Pantry…we feed the others using it as well. (we have two rescues and an Aussie) In the short time of a month I have already seen a marked difference in their coats. Shinier, Softer..easier to groom. They eat less and eliminate less too! What more could you ask for?

Top all that off with superb personalized service from Thor via e-mail and delivery and you have a no-brainer…


Debra Holloman
Wake Forest, NC



My husband and I have 4, four-legged childrenthat are the loves of our lives. They range in size from a 3lb. Yorkie to a 100+lb. Great Dane. Needless to say we have a mixed brood. Over the past few years we have struggled trying to meet everyone’s dietary needs, especially considering that several of our dogs have medical issues and are VERY picky eaters. We have tried everything from high end food to a raw diet and NOTHING has compared to the food from The Pet Pantry. Each one of our dogs look so forward to mealtime and devour their food every time. It is truly a blessing to finally have everyone in our household eating the same thing. Dog food from The Pet Pantry is such a high quality food that it meets everyone’s needs, leaving them begging for more. The service is also tremendous. Thor and his team go above and beyond to assure that you are provided with the best food and that it is delivered on time. The large plastic food bin is also wonderful. In the past, it has been impossible to keep our Great Dane, Marley out of food containers. Nothing is worse than coming home to a brand new 30lb. bag of food that has been eaten in one sitting. With her being a Dane, we have also been very concerned about bloat. While this container may have a few stray teeth marks, Marley (aka Jaws) has not been able to help herself to an all you can eat doggy buffet yet. In addition to our 4 dogs, we always have a foster puppy or two through a local rescue organization. Our rescue group provides us with a very high quality food for the pups that is only sold in veterinary offices. Before getting food from The Pet Pantry, our dogs were constantly in the foster pups food, trying to eat it instead of theirs. Now, we can’t keep the foster puppies out of our dogs food! I can’t say enough GREAT things about The Pet Pantry. If you are looking for the best food for your dog, you have to give The Pet Pantry a try!

Thanks again for providing such amazing products for the most important critters in our lives!


The Long Family: Crosby, Lori, Roxie, Lexi, Frankie, Marley and all the foster pups =)
Willow Springs, NC



I have always hated lugging huge bags of dog food/cat food/kitty litter from the shelf to the cart, from the cart to the counter, from the cart to the car and the worst; from the car to the house. I’ve actually been known to have dog food sitting in my trunk for a few days because I absolutely dread carrying it inside. When a co-worker told me about the Pet Pantry’s service offering free delivery of natural, high-quality pet food I thought I had hit the jack-pot. When I discovered that the food is comparable, if not less expensive, than similar brands in the store, I think I might have scared my co-workers by jumping up and down and screaming with pure joy.

Not only do the dogs and kitty love the food, their coats have never been softer or shinier. I also bought a house that was much smaller than where I had previously lived and I couldn’t find a kitty litter that was successful in keeping such a small space free of kitty odors. I’m slightly paranoid about my house smelling like two dogs and a cat lives there. The bulk litter Pet Pantry sells is the best I’ve found for locking away odors. Anytime my friends come over, I ask if my house smells like cat. They’ve always answered that it doesn’t and they’re fairly straight-forward folks.

All of the above combined with the amazing customer service has made me recommend Pet Pantry to anyone who will listen. I’ve gotten a few people to switch and I’m still working on a few more. It’s just too much of a good thing to pass up. Pet Pantry is one of those things that just makes one wonder how they could be so lucky…


Vivian, Jada (pictured), Queso and Miso
Durham, NC



The Pet Pantry is the best thing that has happened to our dogs!

We have always been frustrated with “having to go out and buy dog food” for so many reasons. Not only was it inconvenient, but more often than not, they were out of our brand/type and we had to constantly switch foods, making our dogs finicky and sometimes even sick. The bags of food and cat litter are also heavy and awkward to carry and transport.

The Pet Pantry food is so much healthier for our dogs and they love it! Our Harry was always a picky eater and sometimes had to be hand fed to get him to eat his food in a timely manner. Not anymore! They love the food and treats and do literally devour it. Plus the service is OUTSTANDING. We even got a 14 year old cat to switch food that she has eaten her whole life. Now, we get all of our pet supplies from Thor and The Pet Pantry and we don’t have to worry about going out shopping anymore.


Heather and Todd Mohr
Apex, NC



Piedmont Research Center
3300 Gateway Centre Blvd.
Morrisville, NC 27560

Dear : Thor at the Pet Pantry
On behalf of Piedmont Research Center, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to you and your business for your support in our Monte Carlo Fundraising effort. Thanks to your outstanding contribution, PRC was able to raise $2,228 dollars that went directly to the two families we were reaching out to.
Piedmont Research Center, LLC is a cancer research center with the goal of expediting effective cancer therapy to the cancer community. One of our company’s greatest assets is its people. Our 75 plus staff members are dedicated to the mission we serve. As you may recall from our initial request, in February, one of our staff members, who had successfully fought breast cancer four years ago, was diagnosed with recurrent and severely metastatic breast cancer. We are pleased to say that she has now returned to work part time and continues to make a tremendous recovery.

Our other staff member diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma shortly after, has recently received great news about the success of her treatment. She will continue undergoing treatment for the next several weeks, but has been able to return full time to work and gets stronger every day.
Both families were truly touched and amazed at the outpouring of support from the community at large as well as our community here at PRC. The amount we raised will really make a significant impact financially, beyond the show of emotional support that it renders.
There are truly no words that can completely express the value of your donation. The support of our community allows us to turn a tragedy like this into triumph. In our ever more global community, it is refreshing to have such a tremendous local response.


Dee Miller
Morrisville, NC



I absolutely love this food. I used to spend about $200/month to feed my four dogs, high quality food. Two of my dogs were eating an allergy food. I have recently switched those two to the allergy fish formula and I am amazed at how well they are doing. They hadn’t been able to eat fish products before, so I was shocked when neither of them showed a reaction. They have been on the food for almost a month. They normally show a reaction the day of or the day after eating food that they are allergic too. My other 2 dogs and my foster dogs are eating the holistic lamb and rice and doing wonderfully. I will be switching my cats to this food soon too. I am recommending this food to everyone! The quality is great and the price is outstanding. I love having the food delivered to my door. I used to drive 30 minutes from home to buy all of my food, so I am saving on gas too. Not to mention, this way I don’t have to haul 100lbs of food to and from my car. Thor you are amazing! Thank you so much! p.s. i don’t have a picture of the 4 dogs together…


Jeremi Clark
Clayton, NC



Our 2 dogs and cat love the Pet Pantry food. We were wondering if they would quit eating their “living the high life” pet food, but all of them love the Pet Pantry food better than IAMS! Unbelievable!

We can’t thank you enough for offering this awesome food, good prices, and excellent customer service! We will be forever thankful to you for not having to lug bags of food from the store or running out to get food at the last minute. This is a GREAT pet food service!
Thank you for all that you do!!!


Jason & Katrina Wesson
Durham, NC



Your food is the best. Bailey just loves it! It makes me feel good that she is eating healthy. Bailey will be 12 years old in June. My baby girl!


Kathy and Bailey
Cary, NC – Paralega



This food is great for my dogs and they “inhale”it! Zoe is a flyball corgi and she is in top form since she started on Pet Pantry food. Brewster our new corgi puppy loves it too! Thanks Thor for mixing two blends since Brewster couldn’t make up his mind which tasted better!


Carol Horrocks
Raleigh, NC



My “kids” grew up eating Royal Canin (some of the priciest dog food out there), but when I heard about Pet Pantry and the wonderful customer service they provide I decided to give them a try. Well, it only took one bite for my dogs to fall in love with Pet Pantry’s Premium Lamb and Rice mix. Every time I go to the Pet Pantry container, my dogs race over and carefully watch me pour the food in their bowls and if it looked like I didn’t pour enough they actually will nudge me with their nose as if to say, “Hey let’s not be stingy with that good stuff!” It so wonderful to have a premium, healthy dog food delivered right to your door that your dogs enjoy. I also noticed that my dogs’ coats were much softer and shinier and they weren’t suffering from allergies like they used to.

I’m a registered professional dog trainer and former dog foster. I also write freelance articles for specialty dog magazines and ezines, and I have researched probably everything you’d want to know about dogs. I know what a dog’s nutritional needs are and am an avid “label reader” The ingredients in Pet Pantry’s blends rival and often surpass those of any premium dog food found on pet store shelves. RECOMMEND PREMIUM LAMB & RICE AND SALMON & POTATO BLENDS FOR MEDIUM TO LARGE BREED ACTIVE DOGS.


Jerry W
Garner, NC



Shelley (brindle) and Munchkin (red) had a blast at the beach in August even though it was windy and they needed their goggles to enjoy the beach! We made sure we had plenty of Pet Pantry kibble to take along and appreciate the quick reordering…especially when Shelley gets a wild hair and raids the cat kibble bowl and we run out faster!

Such is life with a smart dog who figures mom left the cat kibble out so she’d have something to work for.


Durham, NC



THANK YOU Thor for this terrific service!!!! I learned about The Pet Pantry at a dog event, where I met Thor and his beautiful Mastiff pup. The dogs sampled the food, and were hooked. I was so impressed when Thor stopped by to deliver the samples – he had learned all 5 dogs’ names, and was greatly distressed that he didn’t know the names of the 2 visiting dogs that day!! Whenever a change in diet is needed, Thor always has a recommendation of what would be the best option and it always seems right. The cost is about the same as I was paying for what I thought was high quality food at Petsmart or other feed stores. The difference in cost is made up in the delivery – talk about nice not having to carry 50 pound bags out of the store and into the house! Then, the dog food recall came to light, and that supposed high quality food was right there on the list. Thor was terrific and oh so patient in reassuring us that the food he carries is safe.

Thor is also a great supporter of rescue groups. As an avid supporter and frequent foster, I am always looking for companies that support rescue and The Pet Pantry is right up there. Many of my fosters have gone home on The Pet Pantry product and often new customers are gained as the new parents identify the terrific benefits of this company.

Thanks again Thor. It has been a pleasure working with you for the last year and a half and I hope you keep this business for a long time to come!!


Janine, Petey, Victor, Lexy, and Squishy (and numerous fosters who have enjoyed The Pet Pantry while in our home)
Durham, NC



Thor and The Pet Pantry have been a huge benefit to our pets. Since switching from a VERY expensive prescription food that was only available from our vet, The Pet Pantry has been able to provide a high quality food for our 2 goldens and they have not had any allergy problems since! Not to mention the money and time we’re saving!


The Thornsbury’s
Wendell, NC



We love the convenience of having Rocky’s food delivered right to our door. And, with his food allergies, they even had a blend for him! It’s so hard lugging a baby and dog food in and out of the pet store and it was always a wasted trip now that his food can come to us!

Today, Thor came to refill our bin. It was cloudy out and he even thought to cover the bin with a bag so Rocky’s food wouldn’t get wet! Thanks so much for thinking of us!


Holly Springs, NC



I am a dog trainer and have had numerous clients in recent months ask me about what dog food is safe because they are concerned about food recalls. There are very good dog foods out on the market which are human grade quality and holistic, but are too expensive for the average dog owner to afford. That is why, when asked, I am more than happy to recommend the Pet Pantry dog and cat food to my clients. I know that when I recommend it to them, I feel confident that it is safe, healthy, and affordable. I have my own dogs on The Pet Pantry and have been extremely pleased with the results I have seen. Thank You Thor!


Renee W
Apex, North Carolina



Savannah and Cole both love their food and they are doing great on it. Both of them have shiny fur and have had no health problems since switching.
I love the convenience of not having to drag huge bags of dog food (and cat litter) up stairs. I personally can not sing enough praise for Thor and this food. When I forgot to re-order food and got to the bottom of the barrel before calling, they came out the same day and re-stocked us.

The barrels of food are so much neater then the bags of food. In addition, they make a great cat seat. Cole will perch on his barrel and squawk if his food dish gets too low.

Savannah would like to send thanks for all the little treats that end up in her barrel.


Sian B
Raleigh, NC



To All at The Pet Pantry,


I wanted to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am that you make such a wonderful food for pets. I have a dog (Kyra) who has been highly allergic to all other dog foods that I have tried, including some very expensive ones. She was vomiting when she DID eat and had gotten so skinny. I had put her on canned food for a while but that didn’t work out either. We ended up going to the vet and she was so thin and dehydrated that they could not even tell exactly what they were seeing on the x-rays. They wanted to do exploratory surgery, and we all know how expensive that is. This all happened at a very tough time. I was pregnant with my third child and did not know what to do. We got Kyra because we found out that our other dog Cindy has cancer and they gave her 2 months tops to live that was 2 YEARS ago. We have been blessed to have her for so long and to have found Kyra whom has been such a wonderful dog. I was so scared that we were going to lose them both. I left the vets office nearly in tears although I had my two children with me so I had to keep it together. I immediately got on the computer and did a search of Kyra’s symptoms. The ONLY thing that kept coming up was a food allergy. I went to the doctor and asked if she thinks it is a possibility and she said that it is SO rare that she did not think that was the case. Well I didn’t listen and I tried out my theory. From day 1 I was correct in my thinking. She has been on so many different foods and though the next was better than the last she still eventually ended up sick again until now. Your food is the BEST!!! She has been on the Natural Premium for a few months now and it does my heart good to tell you that she has had NO recurring symptoms. I can’t THANK YOU enough!!!! Many Thanks,


M. Vaux
Holly Springs



I first started using the Pet Pantry over 5 years ago when it was run by another person. The food was great, my dogs loved it! One of my dogs would not eat anything else. When the person who ran the business went out of business I was so disappointed. The closest dealer was in Charlotte. I paid to have the food shipped because my dogs didn’t like anything else. Last year I received a letter from Thor advising he will be opening his business in my area. Thank God!! From the beginning I knew my dog (now just one, Buddy) loved the food. His coat just shines and he is as healthy as a horse. What I didn’t know at the time was the great customer service I would be getting. He is so friendly his customer service has surpassed my wildest expectations. That last couple of years when someone else had the franchise, the customer service went down hill, into the ditch by the end. I had no choice but to continue with them since my dogs would only eat Pet Pantry food hence then having to switch to mail order service when they finally went out of business. Thor is the best! Always friendly.. when we talk on the phone he always remembers things we talk about. He leaves personalized messages on the invoice and when we talk later he always asks how things are going with issues we talked about previously. I can’t say enough good things about Thor and the dog food. I am a very very satisfied customer and would recommend him to anyone! Buddy loves him too!


Tommi Keene
Fuquay Varina, NC



We’ve been ordering from The Pet Pantry for almost a year now and we both love the convenience and quality of the food. Thor always remembers us and our dog, Maggie, and that has meant a lot to us. She is our “first” baby and knowing that we can always rely on quality food coming from really great people is very important to us. Thanks, guys!!


Rob and Becky Killough
Apex, North Carolina



I received my order for dog food yesterday and I want to thank you for what you do. Lance is a 5lb Yorkie who has been acting strange lately (i.e. not eating). I got worried and a good friend of mine told me of you and your service. When I gave Lance your food he ate it like he was never going to see food again. I will be sticking with your service for a long time. I have attached a picture (as any proud parent would).
Thank you again,


Jennifer H.
Raleigh, NC



We started using the Pet Pantry almost a year ago. We have one rescued APBT and a young APBT. Crystal’s, the rescue, coat was dull and flaky but is shiny and healthy now that she is on Premium Lamb and Rice. Bronson, the puppy, has been on Premium Lamb and Rice since he was just a pup and is a beautiful healthy dog! When we recently had to relocate I was scared that Pet Pantry did not deliver to our new home, but they did and it has made the transition for the pups much easier! Thanks to Thor for all he does.


Ray, Gray, Crystal, and Bronson
Durham, NC



Thanks so much for the quick delivery I was afraid that I wouldn’t have enough to get Riley through the weekend.

I am so thankful that we discovered your food. Riley has been a very picky eater since day one. We started him on Eukanuba as a puppy and he pretty much either didn’t eat or just picked at it (not a typical puppy) so we had to supplement a lot with soft food, etc. After he turned one we tried Science Diet and he seemed to like it a little better. Again, over time he began to do the same thing…either not eat or pick at it hoping we would give him something else (of course we did…soft food). So after seeing your ad in our training class with Sylvie Pleasants and discussing it with our neighbors (Riley’s girlfriends) we thought we would give it a try. To my surprise he ate the entire sample in just a few minutes (I had never seen him eat like that other than when we give him filet mignon on his birthdays). He has continued to eat on his own without any encouragement. He is definitely an “eat when he feels hungry” kind of dog, but the fact that he eats it and really enjoys it has been GREAT! I don’t have to sit with him on the floor and coax him to eat anymore. He seems to feel great and it gives him lots of energy on the Doggie Daycare days…so they say! Thanks so much!


Ashley & Riley Shaffer
Holly Springs, NC



As the owner of two English Cocker Spaniels, ear infections were a constant concern. After switching my dogs to “Lamb and Rice Select” dry dog food, their ears have been a hundred times better! I haven’t had to deal with an infection all year. They love the food and I love the home delivery. First-class operation all the way.


Sharon Schovain



We love Pet Pantry’s service and products. What a joy to not ever have to lug giant bags of dog food home from the grocery store. The holistic food is wonderful and the dogs love the treats. My Corgi and Golden Retriever have never had shinier coats.


Monte and PD Towe
Raleigh, NC



I first heard about The Pet Pantry at the kennel where Roscoe goes for day care. What a novel concept! It is so much more convenient than 50# bags I can’t carry from the car or which break in the grocery cart. We have had excellent service both in choosing the type of food and in timely delivery. Thor is always eager to help and is most helpful when ever I call. We recommend The Pet Pantry food and services.


Cary, NC



love this stuff!!! I have two dogs and it is hard to find something they will both eat, but we have found it in the Natural Premium. Every time I call, Thor knows who I am and the extra treats that he gives the dogs with each order make their day! He even made individual bags of food for them when they had to go to the kennel. I can’t say enough good things about them!


Shannon Womack

Holly Springs, NC



Our dog, Stax, has always been extremely picky about his food. Since we switched to the natural premium dog food, he begs for dinner. He has also had dry skin problems in the past, now, he scratches and sheds much less.
We couldn’t be happier with our decision. THANK YOU!!


Esposito Family
Raleigh, NC



We have two older Dalmatians and have noticed a big difference in their energy levels since they have been on a “Pet Pantry” Diet. One of our Dalmatians is prone to skin allergies and seizures. “Pete” has had far fewer seizures and his skin and coat look remarkably better. We love the convenience and Thor has “scored, big time” in our eyes with his attention to service detail. Pete and Bailey love the monthly treats and were grateful for the special toys around the Holidays from the Pet Pantry. What a great service. We can’t say enough.


Farrall Davis
Cary, NC



Many Thanks to Thor and The Pet Pantry! Gracie is happy! She says so! She doesn’t scratch from her skin allergies since I put her on the Holistic Opticoat. I’m happy too; it is hard to see your dog suffer from food allergies. This food is doing the trick. Friendly, convenient service too.


Elaine and Michael Chevalier
Wake Forest, NC