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We have a guest blogger, Dakota Lee. Dakota has been talking with all types of animals for many years and I asked her to write a little to explain what it is she does and what animal communication is all about. I hope you find this interesting and will explore your ability to ‘talk’ with your animal friends!


When I was a little girl, I would sit on the couch, cuddling with my family’s two dogs, and think ‘It would be SOOO cool if you guys could talk.’

What I didn’t realize then, is that they were talking. I just had to learn how to listen.

Animal communication is a simple concept. Through an intuitive connection, a human and an animal can hear each other’s thoughts. Once this connection is made, people and animals can talk through words, pictures, and sensations. From an animal’s aches and pains, to why they feel sad, or scared, or aggressive, animals tell me what’s going on in a way that’s often better than a human conversation.

For me, it’s like a radio. Every animal has a specific frequency, as unique as a fingerprint. Over years of practice, I’ve fine-tuned my ability to pinpoint a frequency, and listen in with startling accuracy.

Animals say the darndest things. People often ask me to speak to their animals to solve problems. I’ve helped an aggressive dog stop barking at everything. I’ve helped a horse conquer the fences she was scared of jumping. In South Africa, I’ve negotiated territory between two tame hippos. I’ve described how a horse feels to a vet, in order to help diagnose a mystery lameness. Once a little dog told me that her big problem was that her toy was stuck in the dryer. That was an easy fix! Not all problems are that simple, but for the most part, what I do helps, dramatically.

It may sound simple, but animal communication was hard for me to master. When I began talking to animals at 14 years old, I wasn’t very good. The first time I tried, I simply focused on my cat, ‘thought’ at her, and asked her to stay off my mousepad. I couldn’t hear her speak back, if she did. But at least it worked; she never touched my mousepad again.

From that point, years ago, I have learned how to make my ability to communicate reliable, and now I’m a professional. The hardest thing I had to do was let down my emotional ‘walls’. Why couldn’t I hear my cat back then? Well, when the walls around my heart were up, even if the animal was trying to talk, those walls blocked them out. I had to learn to be vulnerable, even with strange animals I had just met. It was enormously scary, but extremely rewarding.

For the skeptics out there, I get it. You don’t have to understand what I do, but the results are what matters.

I’ve helped hundreds of animals and people find peace, get back on track, or just understand each other through my gift to communicate. Your animals are already talking to you. Sometimes you just need someone like me to help clarify what they are saying.

If you’d like to learn more about what your animals are saying, head on over to Watch pet owner testimonials, send me a message, or book a session. I am happy to help and make your connection with your animals that much stronger.