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Jackson Galaxy Go Fish Puzzle Toy-Food Bowl

Your kitty is going to have a “reel” good time playing with Jackson Galaxy’s Go Fish Cat Toy! This puzzle toy doubles as a slow feeder, so your feline friend can play and munch at the same time. Simply place her favorite treats or food between the vibrant fish tails and watch your paw-tner work to catch her reward—this is also a great way to help eager cats slow down during snack time. The fish tails are made of silicone and are sure to excite and entice your BFF to play and tap into her natural hunting instincts. The tails are also completely removable, allowing you to place the melamine base with rubber feet into the dishwasher for hassle-free cleaning.

Key Benefits:

  • Offers a fun challenge for your cat to help keep her mind sharp!  Mental stimulation through problem-solving play.
  • Encourages your cat to use her natural hunting instincts.
  • The base features rubber feet to help keep it in place as your cat goes fishing.
  • Helps fast eaters slow down—place her favorite food or treats in between the fish tails.
  • The fish tails are removable, so you can wash the base in the dishwasher.