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Bone Broth- Great for both dogs and cats especially senior animals, animals recovering from surgery, sensitive stomachs, feline renal disease, mobility issues, and more.

Our bone broth was formulated with Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp to enhance bone and joint health, to help keep your pet calm and relaxed, and to aid in general pet wellness.

Our process and high-quality ingredients make our bone broth shelf stable, but we do recommend refrigeration after opening.

Veterinarian Formulated
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We do not use Hemp Oil in any of our products, we only use a proprietary Water Soluble Broad Spectrum Hemp! No seeds, no stems.  Our recipes were formulated to work with your your pets’ normal digestive process. Using the right amount of starch and sugars helps your pet to absorb all the natural benefits of our Water Soluble Hemp.

All of our products start to absorb into the blood stream the moment they hit the tongue and start working within 7-8 minutes from the time the product is consumed.

Since our products use Water Soluble Hemp they have 90%+ bioavailability. The bioavailability of Hemp Oil is much lower, at 15%.

Google “bioavailability of water soluble cbd”
“bioavailability of cbd oil”

Definition of Bioavailability – the proportion of a drug or other substance which enters the circulation when introduced into the body and so is able to have an active effect.

Oil-based Hemp products are certainly not bad products, but they are no match for effectiveness when compared to a Water Soluble product. The oil is the “vehicle” being used to deliver the cannabinoids, but a mammal’s body is not designed to absorb an oil internally.

Many CBD products use Chemicals and Solvents to extract their Hemp from the plant. We do not! We use CO2 extraction, which is the most innovative technology and responsible process.

Active Ingredient(s):
Collagen, L-Tryptophan, Broad Spectrum Hemp

Inactive Ingredient(s):
Water, Beef Bone Broth, Sweet Potato

How to Administer:

Each 2 tbsp contains 3mg Broad Spectrum Hemp. Approximately 30 uses per pouch for a 25lb dog.

Can be given during or after meal time, up to 2 times per day. Shake well before using! For cat and dog weight;

Weight Amount to Administer
1-25lb 2 tbsp
26-50lb 4 tbsp
51-75lb 6 tbsp
76-100lb 8 tbsp
101-125lb 10 tbsp
126lb+ You might need another pouch!